Ambit is a healthcare technology company developing a comprehensive and integrated platform that alleviates the pain points associated with rare disease, starting with an accurate diagnosis.

The Ambit Strategy

Ambit aims to provide a comprehensive, integrated platform and supporting services that will allow patients, caregivers, patient advocacy groups, providers, and drug developers to better navigate the inherent challenges of managing a rare disease. The approach is being developed to specifically address the most critical needs of each stakeholder.

Healthcare Providers

We provide services to healthcare providers to make connections to sponsored testing, diagnostic counseling, clinical trials, and approved medications.

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Biopharma Companies

We provide data, analytics, and testing services to support patient identification and diagnosis for clinical trials and approved medications.

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Patient Advocacy Groups

We partner with Patient Advocacy Groups to provide services and make connections for patients.

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Patients & Caregivers

If you are a patient or caregiver and would like information about how Ambit can help you, please visit our patient website below.

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At Ambit, we create connections that lead to next steps for patients and caregivers so they can receive the best care for their condition, not just care for their symptoms.

Our Team

Ambit is led by a team of entrepreneurs with decades of rare disease experience and a passion to transform every life touched by rare disease. Currently in the development phase, Ambit aims to address the challenges associated with a healthcare system that is poorly equipped to handle the unique needs of rare disease stakeholders.

At Ambit we are on a mission to transform every life touched by rare disease. We are looking for people who share that passion, excel in their work, and are able to approach ambiguity with resourcefulness and creativity. As a company, we are flexible, ambitious, collaborative, and success-driven. We are currently hiring for a range of positions.
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Ambit and ACS have merged! Learn how we are accelerating outcomes for patients and clients as a combined company.

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